Mind-Reading Billboards (Or Not)

Well, we’ve arrived. We’ve come to the point where billboards can scan us and feature advertising based on what we (might) like.

Potentially mind-reading machines' screens. Actually, that's...not as cool-looking as you'd expect it to be. Function, not form, right?

This is all thanks to Yahoo! Japan, which is kinda like Japan’s Google, if you get what I mean. It won’t be long now—this fall, in fact. First they’ll start off small, then grow and expand—! Soon these boards will be able to scan pregnant women and tell them what brand of clothing is best suited for their eventually-newborn baby son. (Comel and NEC Soft, developing this in tandem with Yahoo!, didn’t say that, but it’s only the next logical step.)

Like almost everything else from Japan that I have heard of or encountered, this is kind of creepy, but REALLY cool at the same time. I had anticipated similar technology ever since I watched Minority Report a few years back. People involved with the movie, and others’ predictions for how life and technology will be approximately 40 years from now, are kind of like this. Brace for it.

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