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Goh Dentistry

A fun Flash minigame/project about “opening a portal” which earned me a silver AAF Student Addy Award in 2009. Made completely with raster image segments in Flash Studio 8. View the Flash Game!

Portfolio Website Through the Years

Since I created my first online portfolio website in 2005, there have been a few common threads running through all my subsequent portfolio designs. Hmm… I wonder what that could be… Dragons! So many of them! Well, actually, just two, and only one of them are named. Still, my early college work had so many […]

Blown Away

2008, iMovie. A storyboard/breakdown animation I created for Intro to Animation in my senior year of college. A leaf needs to get across the river back to its family, but it keeps facing obstacles along the way. This was partially inspired by the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.