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Kobayashi Not Allowed to Put Other People’s Hot Dogs in His Mouth

News about this is EVERYWHERE. Takeru Kobayashi, famous Japanese hot-dog-eater, wasn’t allowed to eat in this year’s Coney Island Fourth of July hot dog eating contest! According to THE NEWS, it’s because he refused to sign an exclusivity contract with Major League Eating, the major leagues of eating contests…because there’s more than one, apparently.

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Quaff in Nashville

Heard of Quaff? I hadn’t, until it was announced they were coming to MTAC. Quaff: a Japanese visual kei band. Officially described thus: “Quaff is a band like none other. They bring elements of traditional Japanese music and culture into their heavy hitting music and live performances. Quaff rocks out with dual vocalists emphasizing their […]

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5 Characters That Have Huge Eyes (and Aren’t From Anime)

From the very onset of my discovery of anime, I’ve noticed one of its staples amidst Western fans and critics alike have been the “huge, sparkly eyes”. It can’t be denied — it’s become such a staple that there are now contacts to simulate the look of them, and also stuff like this. It’s especially […]

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