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Hey, look what I found!

Awesome Website: Wonderwall

Wonderwall is an interior design firm established by Masamichi Katayama. And it’s AWESOME. And what’s more, its website is also AWESOME. I do enjoy a well-presented Interior Design website, so this is excellent. What’s impressive about the site itself can be seen in motion, so go and click around. On top of all that site-ly […]

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Just what is it about this video that amuses me the most? Is it the constant gyration, or is it the phone number mostly consisting of 666’s at the end? Or is it something I’m not even conscious of as of yet? Whatever it is, well, I wanted to share.

Muscle March: Catch the Imp!

You know that game Muscle March that I posted about earlier? Well, I finally remembered to buy it. It’s just as challenging as I thought it would be, with a dash of “oh gawd” near the third parts of stages.

I’m mainly making this entry because there’s a hot pink kappa in the village stage, which amuses me to no end:

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