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Hey, look what I found!

Every Noise at Once

There’s a way to discover new musical genres, or find the name of the genre you’ve been really into for the past half year! That’s this website:

Every Noise at Once

Enter your favorite artist and you’ll find genres related to that artist. Click a genre and you’ll find a large word cloud of artists it applies to! Then, click on one of their names and a clip from their top song on Spotify will begin to play. Click again to be taken to that song on Spotify! For instance, I entered “Dead or Alive”, clicked on synth pop, and found a bunch of tangentially similar sounds. Fun!

Thanks to my friend Collin for showing me this website!

Intense Kirby Medley

I found this medley of Kirby music while looking for something on YouTube. All the various tunes over the years are ordered in a way that makes them flow right into one another perfectly! The Kirby games have some of my favorite traditional video game soundtracks overall, and I’ve admired them since I was a kid, so please give it a listen!

#ILUJam: All My Bowies

In a month, using various free and available resources, I made this game to familiarize myself with the visual novel making process and have a bit of fun! This was made for International Love Ultimatum 2: Romantic Boogaloo! Make sure to check out the other games! Have you ever wanted to date a Bowie? Well… […]

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I Love Avatar Image Generators

It’s true. Though most of what I love about them lies in exploring their limitations regarding hair that looks like my actual IRL hair, and skintones. The usual prognosis? Not good. Big, curly hair in particular, and even short hair for women, seems not to be favored by a lot of artists that make these things. But […]

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I can’t stop clicking through the seemingly infinite nested universes within this site.

The only thing stopping me is the functional inability to continue reading once I’ve gone so far…in a single nest. Once they add vertical scrolling, there’ll be literally nothing stopping me or anybody else.

The minimalist suggestions of worldbuilding with the surprising depth of each nest is what gets me. Even with the time I’ve spent on it, there’s yet more to discover.