BEEEEANS at Kupocon!

Instead of my usual trip to Toronto for TCAF, this year I’m heading to Kupocon in Vancouver, and I decided to make a few things for the friends I’ll be seeing there! Chief among them is this very silly sticker that I’m dubbing “Nyactis Toe Beans”, which I’m also giving to every Noctis cosplayer, as well as Noctis himself, Ray Chase.

Glare brought to you by: my home’s poor lighting situation!

No one who’s played Final Fantasy XV can deny how catlike Noctis is, and the kitty “toe bean” phenomenon is going strong still (according to Instagram). I couldn’t help but make something cute combining the two…and this line from the game that’s become a huge meme, for reasons I think are obvious:

I’ll see you all at Kupocon!

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