Photo Friday: Baby Birds

A few weeks ago, I saw two baby birds in my yard in the same day. The first one was in one of the flower pots in the back…


Not pictured: I saw the mother fly down to it there and feed it a worm. Sweet! I took this picture from inside my garage, since I didn’t want to get close enough to scare it off (or be attacked).

Later that day, I saw another baby bird in the front yard, just kind of sitting there:


It looked at me for a long time.


For a moment I thought it was the same as the bird I saw earlier, but it’s fuzzier and differently colored. It struck me as younger, too. I think I could hear its mother hovering around, so I didn’t get too close to this one, either.

Both of them were gone later in the day, I hope to safer places. I know there are neighborhood cats that’ll occasionally prowl my yard… ┬áIt may be the nature of things, but I want these sweet babies to have their fair chance.

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