Klonoa of the Wind & Kirby of the Stars


A quick color test I did of these cute heroes.

Kirby and Klonoa, as series, are very similar to each other. Their games are among my favorites, close to my heart and very good besides, each with their own unique design and gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, it feels as if Klonoa’s time is over; although I’d hoped he’d make an appearance in the Namco-developed Super Smash Bros series of this console generation, there isn’t a trace of him even in trophy form.

Both series, along with being fun to play, dive into surprisingly deep concepts at one point or another, giving the littlest bit of realism to otherwise cheery series of games that are accessible to all ages.

I urge you to play the original Klonoa games if you can — maybe ignore the Wii remake of the first game, but get it if it’s easier. Just don’t set it to English, please!

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  1. Jonathan says:

    This is so true.Klonoa I first discovered when I got the gba empire of dreams.I liked that game so much!Why had they not put klonoa in smash.Lets trace this to the makers and ask them if they still know who klonoa is

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