The WIP Problem

As you might’ve noticed with my previous WIP(s), they’re still not done. Finishing things is sometimes challenging, but especially after posting them in some form on the internet for anyone to see. For someone who does many different things through the day, posting a WIP in general feels like a sort of fulfillment, an accomplishment in itself past which any further investment is unneeded…despite the obvious truth.

I’ve been better about this on a smaller scale lately. I’ve found that, when it comes to art and sometimes other things, I need to work my way up from smaller pieces and goals: for example, determining when a sketch is just a simple sketch, that a piece doesn’t need to be fully rendered, or that an old WIP should just be let go. And yet, lately, I usually hit a roadblock at a similar place each time — color, specifically depth and shading of it. Practice makes perfect, or at least better. In the meantime, I’ll try to overcome this.

(This image comes from Fuck Yeah, Art Student Owl.)

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