Studio Ghibli Could Close!

At least, that’s what I just heard. Pending the success of the American release of its next film, Arietty the Borrower, they could keep going, or they could tank.

As one of my favorite animation studios, this could be a tragedy! I want to see Studio Ghibli stand firm and produce classic feature animations long until my great-grandchildren have their own kids.

This is a call to all my Totoro-loving, cutbussing friends: see this movie when it comes out! See it twice in the first week! Tell all your friends — even the ones that still dismiss animation as “kid cartoon stuff”! American celebrity dubbing can only do so much as far as nabbing a wider audience is concerned. I’m more than willing to throw some extra cash at Ghibli to keep it going, and you’ve got to be, too! So keep that in mind!

Such a rare post just within hours of the last. It has stricken me! I must tell all!

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