Kobayashi Not Allowed to Put Other People’s Hot Dogs in His Mouth

News about this is EVERYWHERE. Takeru Kobayashi, famous Japanese hot-dog-eater, wasn’t allowed to eat in this year’s Coney Island Fourth of July hot dog eating contest! According to THE NEWS, it’s because he refused to sign an exclusivity contract with Major League Eating, the major leagues of eating contests…because there’s more than one, apparently.

On that, I’m with Kobayashi, but not so much on the crashing-the-competition-and-then-getting-arrested part. It’s not a good idea to resist the police just because you want attention, either. I’m sure this will all be worked out eventually. Don’t compromise your hot dog eating freedom, Kobayashi!

While I’m at it, here, watch this commercial featuring two hot dog champions going at it in a convenience store. I couldn’t even remember what this commercial was for until I watched it again just now:

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